Day 1

Posted by Gaijin Wife Tuesday, 1 June 2010
I had all intentions on starting on June 1st but yesterday was a good day so I will call that Day 1  :)

Weight = 85.8kgs

Breakfast - egg on toast with vegemite - no marge
Morning tea - banana and half a carrot
Lunch - big salad with lettuce, peppers, toms, cucumber, hard boiled egg and naughty croutons / non-oil basil italian dressing.

Afternoon tea - banana and other half of carrot
Dinner - fried (tbsp oil for four people) udon noodles and a small salad

Water - probably about 1.5 litres throughout the day. (A LOT for me and probably total of all water I drank last week. Was pissing all bloody day)
Coffee - three cups
Alcohol - had to 'remove' any alcohol from fridge. Only one chuhai but then hub bought home two beers and the one chuhai made me think ah what the hell, will start properly tomorrow.

Exercise - walked to go pick the kids up from kindy with the double buggy. Almost work a sweat up pushing 30kg of squiggly squirming kid in that.  Is an hour round trip - at a good pace.
Also had baby and mum aerobics class. It was just an introduction but still, three minutes of squats holding onto my 10kg one year old and I can feel it in my thighs today.

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  1. Bryn Says:
  2. I'm in! Def. need some accountability! How do I join?