Change to Wordpress

Posted by Gaijin Wife Saturday, 28 August 2010 7 comments

Hi Ladies.

I am in the middle of changing the blog to

it will mean you can't 'follow' the blog but you can still get updates sent to you. It works better for comments and for having everything categorized by name on the sidebar. It also means we can password protect before and after photos if we want to - or any post that we like for that matter. If we do this I would prefer that only authors get the password and people who are just interested don't. Unless of course you want to publicly put the pics up which is fine too.

Anyway can you have a look at the new site - tell me what you think - try and ignore the huge photo of a hard boiled egg at the top :) It's a work in progress. But I was starting to think that bit of chocolate cake was a bad omen and just looking at it every time I opened the blog was adding hundred of grams and cm to my flummy. So, for the sake of the world of flummies I have decided to go healthy on the pic too :D

Like me.

Sorry I haven't posted for about a week. Translation, petit fours, the shred, life got in the way and I will try harder next week. I was unto 83.8 kg again on Friday though but still optimistic that I can sort this rut out and get into the seventies by the end of September. I tried on a pair of size 12 jeans I could fit a month after Shou was born - and it was heinous. Very motivating.

Still Shredding though. Day 17 or 18. God, I have lost count. I really want to get to the 30 and once I have I will start on the other DVD I got with the Shred - a 40 minute Jillian workout that I don't think is quite so sadistic - touch wood.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

- Oh and I managed to get all the posts and comments transferred from here to wordpress but it came out with gaijinwife as the author - if you look down the bottom of each post it has the name as a category but for some reason I'm not a category, neither was Bryn, and whatnot so I still need to go through and write the correct person. I'm pretty sure that once you are all authors though it will come up fine.

Let me know.


Friday Friday!

Posted by Sara Friday, 27 August 2010 5 comments

I took my Shred Day off today instead of Sunday... too exhausted from job interview to obey Jillian and her sadistic commands for 30 minutes this afternoon. However I've been trying to take Sakura on a 30+ minute walk in the buggy pretty much everyday this week so I'll try and get on in today as well.

I actually was sort of naughty and bought a karaage sandwich and choco-danish for lunch on the way home from my interview... oh well Ryohei isn't around tonight so I'll try and have a carb-less dinner to make it for it.

I've been doing surprisingly well on the less snacking! Of course its only been 5 days... I am looking forward to my official weigh on Monday. I have a lot of weight to lose so its nice to see the huge water weight plus body being shocked initial loss.

I've sort of hurt my ankle from doing poorly landed butt kicks on my dvd :( I am wondering maybe I should subsitute them with either jumping jacks or jump rope on the cardio portion and hope my ankle will heal.. I know if I take more than 1 day off from the DVD it will be VERY hard to keep it up.

Have a happy and healthy weekend all <3

Weigh-in :-(

Posted by anchan 4 comments

Just stepped on the scales and am gutted to learn that my weight is UP yet again, 67.5kg :-( This is so disappointing, as I only snacked a little (far, far less than I used to), ate chocolate only once this week, continued with the Wii Fit exercise (3 times) and went swimming on Wednesday. Really, really peed off, might as well have carried on eating junk as my weight seemed to stay the same in those days... pass the ice-cream!

So here's what I had and did...
Wednesday for breakfast: half a grapefruit, one bowl of no-sugar added museli with 1 bannana, 0% yoghurt, low-fat milk and a cup of coffee with low-fat milk.
Lunch: bought chirashi sushi (sounds good but I'm sure it had about a cup of sugar in it), piece of wholemeal toast with homemade hummus and half a tomato, fruit salad (grapes, nashi, kiwifruit, bannana).
3pm snack: wierd omiyage from Hokkaido - has been in fridge for ages and had to be eaten. It's called "seal's eggs" which grossed me out, but is actually a dark and white chocolate thingy and quite yummy. Mugicha.
6pm snack: slice of cheese, raw carrot with hummus.
Dinner: small piece of grilled fish, small bowl of rice, miso soup, steamed brocolli and simmered pumpkin. Mugicha.
After dinner: Glass of orange juice.
Litres of water consumed throughout the day.
Wednesday exercise: 1 hour of power walking pushing twin stroller (with twin babies in it). Sweated buckets. 20 mins of ab-sep correction exercises from my physio.

Thursday breakfast: the Tesco shop is out of my no-sugar added museli so had to buy their strawberry oat clusters - very yummy but way more sugar and fat content. Had a bowl of half no-sugar museli and half stawberry oat clusters with a bannana and low-fat milk. Cup of coffee. Half a grapefuit.
Morning tea: Cup of coffee and delicious chocolate mousse cake. My friend bought the cake over. Would have been rude not to...
Lunch: Two pieces of wholemeal toast with slices cheese, half a tomato and homemade hummus. One nashi.
Dinner: Small bowl of rice, miso soup, mince vege mix (from the freezer - made by my mum while she was here...), steamed broccoli. Nashi. Mugicha.
After dinner: club soda with juice of half a lemon.

Thursday exercise: didn't get to do the power walking due to visit from friend but in the evening I did the postpartum exercise DVD (35 mins), and it felt pretty good. This is not a cardio thing, its for strengthening and "retraining"(whatever that is) the abs as well as a bit of general stretching etc thrown in.

Friday breakfast: small bowl of strawberry oat clusters with bannana, low-fat milk and 0% yoghurt. Half a grapefruit.
Lunch: Two pieces of wholemeal bread with gouda cheese, half a tomato, hummus. 2 handfuls of grapes. Cup of coffee. At this point I couldn't help but pull out the chocolate cake (homemade) from the freezer and cutting off a huge slice. Coffee always makes me crave sweet stuff. May have to limit intake.
Dinner - not sure what it will be yet but having consumed chocolate cake I'm committed to have no further regressions.

Friday exercise: 40 mins of power walking with the twin buggy. Would have been longer but one of the babies in the buggy started screaming out to be fed so had to power walk it home ASAP. Will try to do the postpartum exercise DVD again this evening.

Friday weigh in: 62.4 This is quite a bit lower than I was expecting given that I was 64 earlier in the week. Could be a fluke - may bounce back up tomorrow, but its encouraging anyway. Still, to me its less about the weight and more about the flummy so think I will add a waist measurement to my Friday weigh in. Feel free to follow suit all. Flummy (measured around belly button level) at 85.5cms. Sigh....

Overall comments: The main changes since I've started have been cutting out unncessary snacks ie. doing a mental check when I go to snack whether I'm really hungry or not. I find a lot of the time I'm actually thirsty or just bored. Of course I had a few unplanned sweet diversions.... The other major has been cutting out the beer. Up until starting this challenge I've been having a beer every night, usually before dinner. I'm going back to an old trick which is to replace the beer with a soda water with or without lemon juice. Soda water = zero calories. I'm not going to pretend its anything like as good as a beer but with its cold fizziness it does seem to satisfy my beer urges.

Thursday and Friday

Posted by Rachel Thursday, 26 August 2010 3 comments

Well, I quit the ratatouille on Wednesday due to being too busy to roast pepper, but decided to use up the creamed corn and make some fritters, only I had no eggs, so they were pretty bizarre fritters, but we just added salsa, they were okay! And made couscous instead of pasta. I'm not sure how couscous rates as a diet food, is it better than pasta or rice? Is it high in fibre or just like any other white carb?

Thursday muesli for breakfast, the meat mix and cousous for lunch, handful of nuts for afternoon tea (my usual food, back to my routine as I went back to work). Then a BIG handful of grated cheese while cooking. Dinner was about 3 chicken/ume/shiso things, plus ratatouille.

Friday weigh-in - 76.5! So, no loss of course, but I am relieved to see no gain. I don't really deserve it with all that eating, so it must show that my damage control is working - at least I am not going 'oh what the hell' and overeating all week just because I messed up a few days. At this rate I just might be able to see out the summer holidays with no gain, which is a bonus! Then maybe I can start exercising again in September. (I got the splint off my toe, but that has resulted in increased pain for the last day as I get used to it, so I still think I can't do much on it)

Friday breakfast, one weetbix and full-cream milk (had no lo-fat left, I found the fattiness of the full cream milk made me want to add sugar!). Lunch was meat and couscous again, a very small portion, plus some scrambled eggs on wholegrain toast.

Dinner tonight all bets are off - DH is taking me out for dinner for my b'day, and the kids will ALL be at Baachan's, woo-hoo! So don't expect me to be sensible.

my week so far

Posted by illahee Wednesday, 25 August 2010 0 comments

texting sucks. anyway, last fri. weighed 107. no surprises there.

so sunday i went to the hospital in severe pain to get meds. was admitted instead. CT scanned, x-rayed and stabbed numereously with needles. finally get iv and then sent to bed. force yoshi to leave with kids so i can enjoy bed alone in misery. breakfast: nothing. lunch & dinner: same. monday got ultrasound scan and another x-ray. beg for pain meds often. same meal plan as the day before. tuesday pretty boring as finished book the day before. still no has pretty much been the same. i get nutrition through the iv but i don`t know the calories. if i lose weight, i still wouldn`t recommend this as a weight-loss method!

Thanks GW for the invitation to join.

OK so about me. At the risk of being hated by my fellow contributors....I'm not exactly overweight, at all. BUT I have just had twins and this has left me with a prize flummy, which I am very keen to exterminate.

So the hard facts: I'm 175cm tall (I think that's 5ft9.5) and currently weight 64kg. I have 3 kids, the result of 2 pregnancies. I seem to be one of those people that don't really put on a lot of weight during pregnancy. First one (singleton) I put on 10kg and at my one mth check up was down 11kg. Breastfeeding just seems to suck it out of me. I went on to lose a further 5kg which put me at 63kg. At one point I went down to 61kg but not for long. Before the pregnancy I weighed around 70kg and at my worst about 6 years ago I was 75kg - this was when I worked quite long hours on a desk job as well as part time study at totally succumbed to my urges for apricot and choc-chip Cookie Time biscuits and vast amounts of Cadbury chocolate. Yep, I have a sweet tooth. Living in Japan seems to be good for my waist line. Which, thanks to the twin pregnancy is now non-existant. 2nd pregnancy was twins (delivered 11 weeks ago) and I put on 15kg, down by 13kg at my 1mth check up. Pretty good right? You would not think so if you saw the state of my flummy. I had a c-section this time and I don't know if that made it worse or not but it's like I have 2 lots of flab - upper (around the belly button) and lower (above the pubic hair). It really is not a pretty sight. Oh and I have massive stretch marks and wrinkly skin from having streched so much so my bikini days are well and truly over. I'm Ok with that, I just want to be able to wear my clothes again. Yes I can fit them now but anything fitting (most of my nicer clothes) just doesn't look that great over the flummy.

So although I'm not overweight I have a big post-baby belly which I really want to get rid of. The plan: just cutting out the sweet stuff I love, trying to cut back on portions, increase the amt of fruit & veges I eat etc etc. The usual. Plus, on the exercise front, 45-60 mins of power walking on most days and doing my post-preg exercise DVD which is especially for people like me who sufferred abdominal seperation during their pregnancy. Once I'm 6mths postpartum I hope the ab-sep issue is gone and I can graduate up to Tracy Anderson's postpreg workout DVD which I've read good things about. Also want to start jogging at that point too. Until then I have to be kind of careful with exercise so not to make the ab-sep thing worse.

Yoroshiku fellow flumsters!

Monday Tuesday

Posted by Rachel 0 comments

Waiting for the cheese toasties to cook. Yep, a BIG lunch again today, damn the school holidays!

I think I skipped breakfast on Monday, due to getting up too late - the hols have messed up my schedule. Lunch was scrambled eggs again, and I think I also found some chocolate to munch on. Can't remember - I have to do this food thing day by day! Dinner was definitely too much - leftover yakiniku, the fattiest marbled stuff, plus several, also fatty, butabara yakitori. And beer, LOADS of beer. Again.

So Tuesday once again I had to battle the hangover munchies, and am proud to say that I drove straight past McDonalds. Breakfast was toast, lunch was bread from the bakery, so not much better! Dinner was TACOS! Yum, but not exactly a good diet day.

I'm finding it hard this week. Last week of school holidays and totally out of energy to cook healthy meals. Birthday coming up this weekend, so I know that this weekend is going to be a write-off.

On the bright side though, while in the past I would have just eaten whatever I wanted in uncommonly large portions all week, just because it's my birthday, this time I am least realizing that I have to do the opposite, and eat LESS during the week to make up for it. So, while the food choices aren't the best, I am keeping a lid on portions and snacking.

My only goal for this week is to NOT go back up to 78 again. I am pretty much certain I won't be losing any!

Breakfast today was museli, lunch will be ONE toasted sandwich, dinner is going to be a kind of ratatouille with eggplant, green peppers and tomato; and pasta with meat sauce made from leftover taco mince (to which I added corn and red pepper so it's very veggie-full)

Love in my tummy!

Posted by Sara Tuesday, 24 August 2010 3 comments

Although its still blazing outside, one of the things I love to cook most to get in a lot of vegetables and flavor is soup!

I have a pot bubbling on the stove right now. Everytime I add different ingredients depending on my mood or what is in the fridge. Tonight's soup has:

Garlic, Basil, and Oregano sauted in olive oil
Canned (since I'm lazy) chopped tomato and onion
1/2 large Zucchini
Orange Pepper (capsicum)
2 tiny Sweet potato
2 clumps of chopped Chingensai (Bok Choi)

We'll have it with some garlic french bread I picked up from the bakery... (yah that thing about not eating much bread... ) oh well!

About me

Posted by Sara Monday, 23 August 2010 6 comments

Hi all, I'm the new "friend" that GW posted about earlier. You may know me as the princess of rice, escaper of the inaka... or just as Sara =)

Today marks the start of my healthier life journey and where as I am taking it 1 month at a time, I am committed to 4 months (so until around Christmas) of keeping accountable to this blog and to myself.

A bit of background on me:
I've NEVER been skinny, as in like conventionally skinny, I've actually hate weight issues since puberty. I joined weight watchers at the hefty weight of 85kg or so when I was 13! Through sports and various (ahem) not so conventional dieting methods I did manage to get down to about 68kg by the end of high school and stayed roughly within a 3-4kg of that range until about 2 years ago when I got married and started eating more and snacking, doesn't help my husband is a sweet-a-holic which is a huge weekness of mine. Add in 1 baby, 1 year being very depressed about my living situation, and really low willpower and you get the disaster that is now 99kg (god did i actually type that :( :( :( ) of me.

My goals: short-term - fit back into my pre-2008 clothes.. I could probably start doing this at around 85kg or so, so that is my first real goal.
long-term: get back to at least 70kg... depending on how I look/feel at that point this could be readjusted but I don't see myself ever being able to get to less than 65kg.

Starting today actually, I am cutting out all sweets and limiting white bread/rice and trying to get in a fruit or veggie with every meal of the day. And I am on Day 5 of "The Shred" I really enjoy it, I still have to motivate myself to turn it on but once I am in the groove I can pull through to the end. I may do 12 days (6 days for 2 weeks) of each level because the first one is still tough and I fear the 2nd level.

The absolute cutting out of sweets is only a 30 day thing (for now) I'm just curious if and how much of a difference it would make in my weight since I am a comfort eater and a snacker (esp. at night)

Looking forward to making progress with you ladies and having a fabulous picture to post around Christmas/New Years!

Catch Up

Posted by Gaijin Wife 6 comments

Sorry it's been a while!

I have been shredding every day - up to day 14. I'm pretty impressed with self for actually doing it every day so far. Now that I am nearly half way I think I will get to the whole 30 day. Last weigh in I was 82.8kg which is the lowest I have been so far. I am really hanging out for the seventies. And when I am there I am on your tail Rachel. Watch out. Will Shred myself past you baby.

Illahee is in hospital - hopefully getting the heaviest kidney and gall stones in the history of kidney and gall stones taken out. All the best for a quick recovery Illahee. I have no idea what it all involves but hope it goes as smoothly as possible and that you aren't bunking in that hospital room with three small children. Instead I hope you have a good book or ten and can catch up on some down time. How dramatic. Getting admitted to hospital to get some down time :D

We may have a new flummy to fabulous friend starting today or tomorrow but I'll wait till she posts to introduce herself. She is coming down to in a month. She has started the Shred to so just might have to have a shred-off at the end of September - babies and husbands underfoot.

I haven't been eating particularly well and have still been drinking beer, chuhai and wine. Some family issues and up goes the eating. Need to get out of the house more - just as soon as I've finished my first daring baker's challenge. Looks like it will take a couple of days so I need to start tonight to get it done in time!! Will have to invite some friends over to help me eat them.

Late weigh-in report

Posted by anchan 2 comments

Stepped on the scales on Friday morning and was pretty gutted to see the same number as last week - 67kg. I'd been good for most of the week and really deserved to see a loss (especially as I'd started exercising), so when DH took us all out for ice-cream in the evening there was no way I was going to turn down an offer of a Baskin Robbins snowman. Later in the evening I did my Wii Fit workout, and found that my weight had actually dropped from earlier in the week (which means that I must have gained at some point since the last weigh in, yikes), so then regretted the ice-cream! Oh well. No splurges over the weekend to speak of, will do my best to keep on track this week and I had better see a drop on Friday!


Posted by Rachel Sunday, 22 August 2010 3 comments

Friday: went out for dinner Friday night, so I ate very little during the day, breakfast was so late it turned into lunch, then something for afternoon tea when I realized I couldn't last until 7:30! Dinner was lots of salads, sashimi, grilled chicken, yamaimo steak, one piece of fried chicken, nicer than normal izakaya food and LOADS of beer, plus a few nachos at midnight!

Saturday: while I can refrain from eating too much while drinking, the real problem for me comes the next day. I WOLF down food, and CRAVE quarter pounders with cheese. I think I just have to pace myself. Ham and egg for breakfast/lunch, cheese on toast, cheese and marmite crackers, very small bowl, just a taste really, of curry rice, plus... A meat pie!!! I bought these for my birthday, I bought enough for the family to have one each for lunch on my birthday, and one extra for me to sneak-eat by myself when no-one is watching. Since Amy and Lena went to a friend's house, Erica was asleep and Kanji out, I thought perfect! Then Erica woke up, and Kanji came home for a bit as he was recalled from the concert to fix the carwash at work, so my pie had to wait a bit, but I enjoyed it totally in the end, and Erica didn't even want any - she hasn't learned yet. She will soon. Oh, and plus some awful yucky instant pudding which I will never buy again. Can't beat Greggs!

Weekend is not over yet, we have a barbecue tonight. I won't be drinking so the temptation to drink endless sodas instead plus more and more meat will be strong. I might pull a sickie and come home early. Breakfast WILL BE a bowl of muesli, lunch I don't know yet, probably eggs. My new order of wholegrain bread arrived from fbc. Fellow flums, let me know if you want me to pass a few slices to you to see if you like it.


Posted by Rachel Friday, 20 August 2010 0 comments

Posting this Friday morning, scales say 76.4 so the week kind of balanced out! Well, if I do the same thing this week WITHOUT the two parties, dinner out, McD's hangover session, and Daring Kitchen, I should by rights show a downward movement.

Breakfast: peanut butter on toast. I actually got the craving on Wednesday night, but successfully held off until morning. I only crave this once every 6 months or so, so no guilt in following the craving. First tried the sourdough bread, not good. Then 79yen supermarket loaf, not quite right either. So it wasn't quite as satisfactory as I'd hoped, but then if it was divine, I may just want more, so that works out for the best, I think.

Lunch: two small boiled eggs, a chicken and veg salad from the salad bar at a nearby supermarket - I will definitely have it again, it was excellent. And one more piece of sourdough.

Dinner: fish and chips!!! I wrapped it in newspaper and took it to the park for a picnic with the kids. Two small fillets crumbed, not battered, and some skinny fries. The last of the mascarpone mousse for dessert (a tablespoon each) with vanilla ice cream and crumbled 'pavlova' as a topping. Phew, DK ingredients are all gone, or frozen, so no more temptation (this week at least)

august 18, 2010

Posted by illahee Thursday, 19 August 2010 0 comments

not a good day, especially considering the misudo i had the day before.

not going to list everything today, just admit that i went to mcdonald's for lunch. i had gone to the shopping center and the kids wanted ice cream. that's fine, i don't need ice cream but big macs are on special! *sigh* not a huge big mac fan but i do like hamburgers. ok, that's it, no more micky-d's for the rest of the month!

i'm afraid my weight is going to be up on friday's weigh in...

i have a lot of excuses right now (no time because of kids. i just CAN'T get up at five every day just to go walking. i wish i could, but i can't. and i CAN'T get up when the kids go to bed--because i have to lie down with them--and during the day it's too hot, the kids are in the way and otherwise i just can't. i want to write down right here that i will work on finding time to exercise once hiro and sasha go back to school. promise!

there's a blogger who has recently lost a lot of weight and i really admire her! i just wanted to share her blog here, if that's alright! cutie booty cakes do check her out and see how well she's done!

I gave myself a HUGE fright by deliberately standing on the scales in the evening AFTER dinner on Tuesday, which I think was a good idea as it frightened me into being very, very careful (apart from the DK blow-out, or rather, to balance out the blow-out). Over 79, it showed me! Happily back to 77.1 this morning, so up overall.

Breakfast: one weetbix, low-fat milk
Lunch: a boiled egg and one slice of wholegrain toast; yogurt and strawberry sauce.
Afternoon tea: more vegetable terrine, walnut dip and bread, and a custard cherry pastry. Friend came over so I had to whip out the dips again. She brought the pastry!
Dinner: small bowl of rice and beef stew, some eggplant with soy and ginger, and sweet potato with butter
Supper: two ?peacherines? I can't remember the name, but the label in the supermarket mentioned peaches and nectarines.


Posted by anchan Wednesday, 18 August 2010 2 comments

This is how rubbish I am.

My MIL bought me some trainers for my birthday in February, and they have still not been worn.

I have been doing a lot of thinking about exercising, but there is always some kind of excuse... I have been going to my yoga class since the New Year, but it is only once a week and I know that's not enough. I really want to get out and do some power/Nordic walking, but with 3 kids I find it very difficult to get out of the house alone (unless I get up an hour earlier, but for that I'd need to be really motivated). I recently downloaded an intervals podcast to get me started, but when I ask K if I could go out for some exercise whilst he and the kids were all in the bath, I realised that he would much rather me remain fat and be at home... I went upstairs and listened to the podcast anyway, lying on my bed and tapping my feet...

But this evening I was reminded of the WiiFit. I dusted it down and stepped on... 157 days since I last used it, but 2.2lbs lighter! There are more functions than I realised and I ended up doing quite a good workout, very sweaty at the end :-) Feeling very virtuous - now to keep it up! don't expect any virtuous eating!

Breakfast, a handful of walnuts while making the walnut butter!

Lunch, a handful of potato chips

Afternoon tea, and herein lies the damage: Harumi's divine sourdough bread with the vegetable terrine and walnut and bean dip, plus the chocolate pavlovas with mascarpone mousse and mascarpone cream - I had two!

Plus 3 low-cal happoshus when some other friends dropped by later on, then two mouthfuls of rice, a couple of bites of simmered fish and four chicken nuggets for tea.

august 17, 2010

Posted by illahee Tuesday, 17 August 2010 2 comments

no exercise this morning.

breakfast: french toast, eggs and sausage
morning snack: mr. donut (two donuts and a coke. epic fail.)
lunch: curry, nan, tandoori chicken, salad and rice. (had to try new indian/pakistan restaurant at sun live. small portions as a) shared with kids and b) just had misudo)
dinner: honey mustard chicken (made by me, not that great), rice, mixed veggies, low-carb beer.

not a great day, but tomorrow's another day!

august 16, 2010

Posted by illahee 4 comments

got up early and walked! woo hoo! 45 minutes walk, and i wasn't too tired or even too sore during the day. the walking i did early on in july was not wasted! now, if only i can keep it up (didn't walk on tuesday).

breakfast: carrot sticks and then chicken from lawson
lunch: tuna sandwich and egg salad sandwich, coke
dinner: skipped dinner as we went to friend's house all day and really couldn't be bothered to eat. (yoshi actually got home the same time we did and made gyoza, noodles, leftovers for the kids.)

felt really good about getting some exercise! not a lot of water today, but will do better!

Shred - Day 8

Posted by Gaijin Wife 3 comments

Have just finished day 8 of the Shred - second day on level 2 and it is a complete bitch. I walked the kids to kinder first so an hours walk PLUS twenty minutes of Jillian telling me I should be feeling like I want to die - which I did. Must seriously sweat about 1lt during that twenty minutes. One of the moves is a walk down plank press up thing where you start from standing, touch your toes and walk your hands out until you are in a plank / press up position, do a press up (or hold it as is if you are like me and can't do a proper press up) and then walk it back up. The girl doing the 'easier' version just holds it but it is still fuckin hard. I wonder if I will ever be able to do a press up for that !!

Anyway, had two huge salads yesterday...

This was lunch and dinner had some broccoli, asparagus and one small piece of pork. The pork was ready marinated stuff and I thought the kids would at it but it was infused with far too much garlic and non toddler friendly flavors.

Had loads of water - and a couple of big glasses of water with some of the lemons Illahee forgot to take home with her on Wednesday :) Very refreshing. Thanks Illahee!

Cracked and had one beer but was in bed by 9pm and it was good to get an early night.

This morning I had cereal for breakfast which hasn't happened for a while
My sister in law always arrives with a food parcel - usually containing bread and a few 'western' things she thinks I might want - like granola. Not a huge fan of this one which is tropical flavor but waste not want not. That ice coffee got about two sips drunk :(  before the kids demanded too much attention and we were brushing teeth, hair, putting shoes on and climbing into the pushchair.

So, yesterday wasn't too bad - minus the beer and the one baby cheese. Today WILL be a good day.


Posted by Rachel Monday, 16 August 2010 3 comments

Typical weekend blow-out!

Saturday, muesli and fruit for breakfast, lunch was dunno, forgot. Dinner was one ball of takoyaki, ten or so pieces of yaki niku, a few mouthfuls of okonomiyaki and WAY too much beer and wine.

Sunday, toast for breakfast, then cheese on toast, then McDonalds! THEN dinner out, at Kokoro, a favorite of mine - nama ham salad, cheese platter, fried cheese, pizza, chijimi, oh and DESSERT which was divine!

So NOT weighing myself this morning!

Heavy Obon

Posted by Gaijin Wife 2 comments

Didn't get round to weigh in on Friday as rudely interrupted by brother in law and his wife turning up from Shikoku with only two hours warning. Fuuuuuuck. Weekend was horrific. Guests the whole time and I would be very hard pressed trying to remember all the shit I ate and drank over the last 48 hours - actually the last week.

Weigh in today and I was back up to bloody 85kg which is no surprise really as have been very naughty but still - me thinks everything you consume over Obon is just really bloody heavy. I didn't even have a cup of tea Rachel so I have to blame it on the very heavy fried chicken, the extremely heavy cheese cake ...

I managed the Shred on Saturday which was day  6 in a row. I really wanted to get 30 days in a row but there was no window of opportunity yesterday so I think it will be the 30 day shred with Sundays off :D

To punish myself for such bad weigh in I tried level 2 today and quite surprisingly got through it with only doing the 'easier' moves for one of the  strength sections. Chuffed. I did have a two and a half minute break though which Jillian would have killed me for. Ryu was nutting out upstairs so I brought him down to his cut - we he could cry and I could do the last ten minutes knowing that at least he woudn't fall out of bed. Bad mummy.

Hub said from ages back that from today (post-Obon) he would start a health kick until his health-check at the end of the month. This is good, it means he wont bring beer home with him :D

Heres to a skinny week of salads and sunshine ladies.

Late weigh-in ;-)

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I did weigh in on Friday, but was disappointed and reluctant to tell you all about it... up to 67kg again. I'd been pretty good, too, but I'm afraid that I completely lost the plot over the weekend and wouldn't be surprised if if gain an extra 5kg by the next weigh-in. Yesterday MIL came over for a birthday meal, DB challenge completed in her honour... unfortunately there is still about half left over as it was huuuge and we had eaten a full roast... might have a small slice for breakfast...

I had resolved to get moving on the exercise thing, but ended up having minor surgery on Saturday morning and stitches on my tummy is enough to put me off doing sit-ups :-) Still, must try to get back on track!

obon weekend spent at home. breakfast on saturday was carrot sticks and a bit of cheese, big glass of water. lunch was joyfull pizza and drink bar. dinner was yakiniku at home, including a beer). no exercise, probably not enough water.

breakfast on sunday was skipped, although i suppose i might count the yuzu-green tea frappacino (sp??) at starbucks, lunch was quarter pounder with cheese, fries and a coke, snack was a few slices of pizza (met kuri and the pinglet at the mall and joined them for lunch) and dinner was yakiniku (but i didn't eat as much as usual, had plenty to eat during the day. only had a few pieces of meat, veggies and skipped the rice) and a beer.

oh! forgot to report my weigh in weight: 105. no change from last week, which is rather a surprise!

august 13, 2010

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friday the 13th!

breakfast at joyfull (usual breakfast of hambaagu and egg)
lunch was a few mini-drumsticks and a bit of boursin cheese.
dinner was pretty much skipped, the rest of the family had noodles and i didn't want any and decided against more chicken. plus was kinda recovering from my visit to GW's! lol

no exercise, not a lot of water.

Friday, and Obon 'feast'

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Breakfast: half a canned peach and a pot of Bio.

Lunch: one piece of karaage, a boiled egg, a small bowl of about ten chips with tomato sauce. otomari OVER!

11g chocolate, gift from my daughter!

Dinner: Obon feast, very untraditional! 3 pieces halapeno pizza, 4 pieces sushi, 2 cheese balls, about 6 potato balls, some okra/wakame salad and some lettuce and mixed leaf salad. Awful purin pastry thing that really wasn't worth it! I hope the late Hibaachan enjoyed her halapeno pizza.


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Friday morning weigh-in 76.4

So-so day.

Breakfast: muesli and milk

Lunch: steamed chicken with lettuce, diced tomato and pesto. This was REALLY yummy and a good diet choice too! I'm sure I ate something else too that I wasn't supposed to, but I've forgotten! (I remembered. I was FOUR CHEESE pizza. Two Japan-size slices, one was only one bite sized!)

Afternoon tea: nuts. A few more than usual, I was pretty hungry

Dinner: THREE little girls staying over tonight, so dinner was kid-friendly food. 3 pieces of karaage, one bite of sausage, a small plate with about ten chips and tomato sauce.

Dessert: 2 scoops Baskin Robbins ice cream with chocolate sauce.

august 11, 2010

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my apologies, i just wrote a post meant for my personal blog, but posted it here. if you saw it, just forget it! lol

on this morning i woke up very early regretting the amount of alcohol i had taken the night before. i gotta remember i'm not 25 any more! lol i didn't have breakfast straight away although did manage to eat tommy's crab-shaped sausage, which he didn't want, and then a slice of pizza later in the morning. otherwise i concentrated on the water, aquarius, cola zero and coffee to perk me up!

lunch was at joyfull (where i got a shock that they were in obon mode and no lunch specials!) and had chicken doria with drink bar (no soup).

snack was pretzels again, and cola zero.

i didn't have very much dinner. made somen for the kids and there wasn't much left in the fridge for me. that's ok, though, because i was just ready to go to bed and restore my energy.

no exercise (lots of driving!) and probably not enough water.

am not sure about weigh-in tomorrow....

august 10, 2010

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visit GW day!

breakfast was 'steak' sandwich (left-over yakiniku from the weekend) and pumpkin soup.

snack in the car was pretzels and cola zero. skipped lunch as we couldn't stop anywhere because i had food in the car, and am not a big fan of onigiri (and was kinda full from pretzels anyway.) dinner was....lasagna, pizza, yakitori and i'll edit later if more comes to me, also had a beer or two.

also had three glasses of sparkling wine (and i *know* i need to stop at two!) a few G&T's, a screwdriver and damn if i can remember anything after that. also had fabulous appetizer snacks made by GW. so delicious! oh, i vaguely remember having a slice of pizza in the middle of drinking, too....

i think this day was my free day!

august 9, 2010

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went to costco on this day, so you can only imagine how it went....

didn't have a big breakfast, perhaps a few bites of a child's leftover breaky (PB sandwich).

pizza at costco (hawaiian and cheese, again left over from kids), cola zero (oh! and had a couple of free tastes of bread and wine. lol) and then shared ice cream (four ways) while waiting for pizza to be cooked.

dinner was skipped.

not a lot of water, no exercise.


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76.8 today, so heading in the right direction, finally!

Breakfast: one pottle of BIO plus half a preserved peach

Lunch: slice of wholegrain toast with about 3 tablespoons of cheese sauce, slice of white bread with steamed chicken and pesto.

Afternoon tea: blow-out Friend brought some chocolate biscuit marshmallow things that were like a cross between a smore and a mallopuff. I gobbled up the lefotvers! I also ate potato chips (luckily Lena spilled them on the floor, or I would have eaten more) and several pieces of pear and nectarine.

Dinner WILL be a small bowl of chicken stew and an omelet. And then a peach later when Erica is asleep

Just a flying visit...

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I&ve been meaning to sit down and write but don't seem to have the energy or the time. Been a little naughty over the last couple of days, made a lemon meringue pie for Sunday dinner and ate waaaay too much, then was invited out for coffee and cake yesterday (a first, so I could hardly turn down such an offer!)...

But what I really wanted to tell you about was the fitness bargain I've just picked up on the way home from my eikaiwa. I've been eying up Fitflops for a month or so, but they are very expensive (around 8,000 yen for an old model, more for this year's model). I just happened to see some on sale at Donquixote (sp?) for... 790 yen!! Not fakes, imported from the UK, old model but who cares?! I put three pairs in my basket (different colours) but then thought I'd better try them out before going crazy.

Anyway, just wanted to let you guys know :-)


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Breakfast: Bio yogurt and a big fat canned peach. Yum!
Lunch: omelet, some bread I think
Dinner: pumpkin with cheese sauce; pita bread with pesto, tomato and lettuce. 2 halves
Supper: 2 nectarines, and a handful of grapes


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Breakfast: bowl of muesli
Morning tea: shouldn't have had the potato chips! Or the canned coffee!
Lunch: about 1/4 cup pumpkin and cheese sauce, chicken and gravy sandwich
Dinner: INTEND to eat one ham steak with a slice of pineapple, half a pita bread with steamed chicken and pesto. Peach for dessert. Will get back later so review my promises. I am eating too much for dinner again, so I need to limit the portion size. The best way to do that is decide, sensibly, beforehand what would be a reasonable amount to eat, then stick to it. That's the hard part. Hence the (semi) public statement of intention. Feel free to hassle me if I cheat, I need it!

I might add in a mouthful of the cold ramen, as I have never tasted it before, and would like to know what it tastes like, even if I have no intention of eating it because a) it's a noodle, and I'm not fond of noodles and b) it's a carb, and I am trying to skip carbs at dinner (except for the pita bread tonight, obviously!)

Exercise: none. No surprises there, as getting from computer to kitchen involves pain!

Edited to add: dinner - success. 3 mouthfuls of the ramen. still felt like quite a lot though.


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Breakfast: pot of strawberry yogurt, the kind that's nearly purin, so yummy, but probably a bit too high in calories. Bought it on sale, so I really should avoid that shelf of the supermarket!

Lunch: I can't remember! I was home alone with Erica... that's right, I made her the most delicious fried rice ever, chucked in some edamame and some leftover ham and CHEESE. The cheese really made it and she gobbled it down, so I only got a mouthful. I had a slice of wholegrain toast and an omelet with edamame. Not a good idea. It was worth a try, but I think I prefer them on the side

Dinner: nothing. I made gnocchi for the kids, but didn't eat any as I was happy with my beer.

Drinks: too many beers!

Didn't weigh in last Friday and overall last week was a bit of a right off with headaches and colds and zilch exercise getting done after I think the Shred which I did last Monday.

Weighed in this morning at 83.4kg which I think Is the same as my previous lowest weight or maybe 200grams higher. Can't remember. Either way I thought I would have put on a bit last week with the no exercise but I guess being sick uses up more calories than I thought!!

Started back on the SHRED this morning with level 1 - and going back to Day 1. I really want to get 30 days in a row. This week will be short as weigh in back to Friday. Illahee and co coming over tomorrow which will be loads of fun and hopefully it doesn't piss rain. I will try my best to make sensible choices. Please don't bring anything sweet with you Ilahee - unless you only have enough for kiddy portions - for the kids, not kiddy portions for us. I will doubly try harder by not buying beer. I really don't like the low low cal stuff and would rather go without.

So, skinny alcohol choices.... gin, lime and tonic?? Vodka and cranberry juice???

There will be pizza and things but we are planning on sharing that with the kids aren't we Ilahee?? :D

See you tomorrow. And Rachel if your toe lets you drive then please come for potluck dinner with the girls for a total mix of mayhem, chaos and fun times.

no exercise over the weekend. plenty of water (but maybe not enough?)

saturday: skipped breakfast. wasn't hungry when i got up and wasn't until 10:30 or so, so just had lunch. lunch was at joyfull, special lunch (hambaagu and tori-ten, rice, miso soup, pickles plus drink/soup bar.) dinner was yakiniku. i probably had a cola zero whilst i was out.

sunday: breakfast: homemade pumpkin soup and thyme bread (which i also made). lunch: mcdonald's double quarter pounder, fries, coke. dinner was chicken ramen salad.

need to drink more water, eat out less.

august 6, 2010

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weigh in day: 105 wow, a loss!

today was ok, i guess. had japanese class in the morning, and i had to run the DVDs to the shop before it opened so breakfast was a peanut butter sandwich at home and then had a cola zero in the car. lunch was joyfull and i got the week-day special, hambaagu with ebi-katsu. comes with salad, miso soup, pickles and rice, also ordered the drink/soup bar. afternoon snack was lemon 'melon pan', FABULOUS (you can get them at lawson), skipped dinner because it was hot dogs and cucumbers for the kids.

lots of water, no exercise.


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Muesli for breakfast finally! I love how it keeps me full. The kids were hungry when we got back from the doc's, but I wasn't. I fed them while I had a nice cup of tea, and at a little later

Lunch was so-so, from the supermarket. I limited myself to two fried things - one tiny spring roll and a renkon sandwich thing - two slices of renkon with some unidentifiable meat inside! Then two vingear salads, one harusame base, one cucumber base and a piece of simmered fish.

Dinner was packet chicken nuggets, Japanese style with ume and shiso, loads of edamame, and an egg omelet.

DESSERT: yup, did it again. Ice cream, home-made chocolate sauce (Amy: "why do I love your sauce so much Mum?" Me: "cos it's the BEST chocolate sauce ever!") plus berries and banana and nuts. Divine! And so very flummy rather than fabulous


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Breakfast: out of milk, so two slices of wholegrain toast with marg and marmite

Lunch: two slices of bread and a boiled egg

Afternoon tea: peanut biscuit

Dinner: out for dinner again to see an old friend who used to teach where I work. Pizza, potato chips, fried chicken, fried cheese, and goya and hotate croquettes which were fantastic!

77.2 kg this morning so I am moving, either up or down.


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Breakfast: banana. Ate quite late, so no time for more.

Lunch: boiled egg and a slice of wholegrain toast with about 1/4 cup leftover stew on it. So yum!

Dinner: Joyfull! I'm using the excuse of the foot. Can't shop or cook. Well, I can, but it hurts. So not today, anyway. I had the gobo salad at about 330 calories and the spinach butter dish at about 220. Aaaaaaaaaaaand then lots of kiddie lefovers that probably tipped me much further over the balance!

Supper: chocolate. And I did no enjoy it. I really, REALLY want fruit at night! I enjoy chocolate more after lunch. Can't believe I used to eat chocolate every night. So glad that habit's been firmly kicked in the butt.


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Hangover day, with all that implies for me!

Cheese and bacon toast for breakfast, and some more toast and marmite.

McDonalds's for lunch!! Then Erica's leftover cheeseburger for afternoon snack.

Dinner was a few mochi-cheese-buns from the combini, plus a banana and a boiled egg. I have had far too many combini meals this week, but this one wasn't so bad.

Supper: smores!! We went to the camp ground where the kids were having their Keio Academy summer camp, and attended their evening camp fire fun. And of course, being hosted by Americans, that mostly involved smores!

Weigh-in Day 3

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66.6kg :-D That's 1.3kg down from my first weigh-in and, considering the blip I had a couple of weeks a go, that ain't too shabby! BMI stands at 28.6, so still a way to go...

august 5, 2010

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took the kids to uminonakamichi today, so again, though i didn't formally exercise, i got a lot of walking done today, with weight (let's see: diaper bag with dipes, two changes of clothes for tommy plus two pairs of training pants (hurray for potty training??), misc. things you have in a diaper bag that tend to make the bag weigh twenty pounds *and* stuff bag with three bath towels, swimming togs for the kids (i love the word 'togs') and a rather large book for me to read when i had the chance. sadly, there was no sunscreen in either bag, because 1) we left it at home and 2) the stuff i paid too much for at the conbini was left in my purse/bag which i left in my car! silly illy!) anyway, i was very sore in the evening so must have done some good. however, the bad:

breakfast: peanut butter & jelly sandwich
lunch: (eaten early) hokka-ben karaage bento (the 'special' with extra chicken), coke
snack: left over ice cream the boys didn't eat, plenty of cola zeros through the day
dinner: mcdonald's (*while* the kids were sleeping in the car so an extra treat!) chicken fillet sandwich with fries and a coke, plus apple pie. finally caved in to my period-induced cravings. but hey, i 'skipped' dinner (which was chili) that i had made for the kids.

i shouldn't have done the mickey-d's but it's been SO LONG that all three kids were asleep at the same time, plus we were still miles from the house and i was hungry, so there you go. i did get to eat in peace *and* read a book (albeit in the car) so i regret nothing!

august 4, 2010

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a day to stay at home and wallow in self-pity (thanks for that, aunt flo!)

breakfast: cereal and milk.
lunch: tuna casserole
snack: coke with cinnamon roll (yum!)
dinner: curry rice

no exercise, plenty of water

(was just waiting for the end of shark week. *sigh* and when is it going to be less humid first thing in the morning??)

august 3, 2010

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been procrastinating about posting this week!

took the kids to the beach so while i didn't exercise formally, i got a lot in just getting ready, playing, taking everything/one home and cleaning up!

peanut butter sandwich for breakfast.
yakiniku for lunch.
i can't remember dinner so i may have skipped it (because lunch was so much!)

a few colas (well, cola zero), probably not enough water. did skip the ice cream at lunch, though!

Weekend August 1-2

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Not technically the weekend, Sunday and Monday but we went away for the night so it was our weekend.

Put on weight as I ate loads of crap like potato chips in the car, and just picked at stuff, and lots and lots of wine of course, and ice cream, so well, it was a write-off and that's all I'm going to say about it!



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Back to the grind. Breakfast, the very last muesli bar, and I'm not going to buy them again! I didn't have time for muesli, even for weetbix, what am I going to do for quick breakfasts now? I could make the banana oatmeal bar I suppose and freeze it in portions, but defrosting is not exactly quick, is it?

Lunch: take, ika, ebi and broccoli salad, 2 chicken, shiso and ume rolls and a boiled egg.

Have planned another 2 chicken, shiso and ume rolls for a snack before I go to work at 5pm. Going out for dinner tonight, no idea what that will entail, I'm calling for immunity!

august 2, 2010

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pretty average day. no exercise, plenty of soda, enough water. the beginning of shark week, so i'm actually patting myself on the back for NOT going to micky-d's although i craved it ALL DAY.

breakfast: peanut butter sandwich & milk
lunch: oden from 7-11, coke, cola zero
snack: left over chicken from saturday night (yakiniku)
dinner: meatloaf sandwich (i made tofu hambaagu for dinner but found a lonely leftover one from last week so i ate it. otherwise yoshi would pull it out of the fridge and 'lecture' me. whatever.) and a bit of pumpkin salad.
also had one small glass of umeshu & sparkling water.

looking for that miracle* babysitter so i can go to the pool by myself....

*one that works for free but is awesome with kids and i can trust.

weekend 5 (july 31-august 1)

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what a weekend!

saturday: breakfast at joyfull (hambaagu, egg, salad w/dressing, 2 pieces rye bread, drink/soup bar). no lunch. no snack. dinner was yakiniku and had plenty! 1 low-calorie chu-hai and 1 beer

sunday: breakfast was a bowl of cearl with milk. lunch was AYCE buffet, so i got a plate with 12 separate sections and had a little bit of a lot of things. lots of chicken and pork. also had some dessert, but not a lot (some of it was pretty yucky). snack was a bit of popcorn and a few sips of ramune at the kindy festival. no dinner.

no exercise, but didn't sit on my ass the whole time, either. plenty of water, but also a bit of soda!

(i weighed 106 on saturday and 105 on sunday...)


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Bit worse today. Toast for breakfast, leftover pie, ice cream for afternoon tea, toasted cheese sandwich, more pie! And peaches for dessert. And no moving, unless shopping and packing count for movement.

Friday Weigh-in

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76.2! The active life seems to be paying off! It's not just the moving all day, I think, but less opportunity to snack, and smaller meals because I'm just busy. Maybe I WILL lose weight this summer. Big BBQ beach weekend ahead of me though.

Breakfast, a few crusts of bread, sandwich cuttings, I forgot to eat breakfast!

Lunch, a piece of bacon and egg pie, and half a sandwich. I often put too much in picnics and then eat it because it's there, but in reality I'm not that hungry when out and about, and I should take more advantage of that and pack small.

Snack: ice cream on the way home.

Dinner: more pie, plus meat and BEER! We had a private barbecue date-night. Or rather, a family barbecue that the kids abandoned to watch Doraemon, so it was just me and K, but we had fun.

july 30, 2010

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weigh in day: 108. still no change. at least it's not a gain.

end of the month, it's time to review. i didn't reach my goals, i fear, which is reflected in the lack of weight loss. perhaps, though, this wasn't the best time to start. however, when is the best time? even when you find an ideal time to start and lose some weight, eventually you'll have to deal with real life incidents and just work through them.

so. same goals as last month: more water, less cola, exercise more. wish me luck!

today's rundown:

breakfast: meatloaf sandwich (actually slices of last night's hambaagu)
lunch: mcdonald's (quarter pounder with cheese, fries, coke)
snack: crackers
dinner: tofu with kabosu (?? GW sent it to us last year) ponzu and negi

plenty of water, though could have done better. also had a cola zero on the way home from the mall. no exercise.

I did it!

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What a great day! Our pool excursion was postponed to this afternoon due to bad weather earlier in the week. I had been secretly hoping that the thunder would continue, as the reason we were going to this pool was because it is free all week and is then closing down on 1st August, so there was a good chance it could get out of revealing my white thighs to the local population. But the sun shone and off we went. And... I had a fantastic time! Yeah, I felt very self conscious when I had to get out of the water, but it was so much fun splashing and playing with the kids... I have really been missing out all these years!

We were in the water for 3 hours, and I must have burned off a tremendous amount of energy. It's a nagare (flowing) pool and we had races and games of catch - just an awesome time! I can't remember when we last had so much fun together.

On the way home we stopped off at a Spice Kingdom for dinner, so promptly undid the good work I had done in the afternoon - veggie pakora, veggie masala, nan, mmmmmmmm...

I will sleep well tonight - and hopefully hurt some in the morning :-)

The weigh-in

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Wow, surprised to see a loss today - 66.9kg! Very happy :-) Now I just need to keep things up... but we have friends coming for lunch tomorrow for a birthday party... and a very dangerous dessert...


This is only a 400gram loss since last week but it was a pleasant surprise. I wasn't going to get on the scales this morning as I have only done level 1 of the Shred twice and I get despondent (look for excuses) very easily

I am hurting in places I haven't hurt in for well over five years. Probably longer as even when I was running a lot that was pretty much all I was doing and so I was thinner and healthier but my shoulders, back, abs, inner thighs, rah rah weren't getting a pounding. Everything hurts today. I thought briefly about not doing it today and tried to tell myself doing it every second day would be fine. But it isn't called the every second day Shred so I sorted my shit together and did it - after walking the kids to kinder which I think helped me as kickass hour long warm-up - that by the way uses up 13,000 steps in one go.

Jullian is great - she tells you at exactly the moments when you are feeling like a break...

Don't take a break now. You chose to only exercise for twenty minutes and THERE ARE NO BREAKS in a twenty minute workout.

You want the easy version for a star-jump?? THERE IS NO EASY VERSION. suck it up.

I try not to actually stop but I must admit my press-ups (girlie version) are slower than there pace and I'm probably only doing half the amount at the moment. The lunges and the squats get me too. I thought that my can of chilly and pack of four canned tuna wouldn't be heavy enough but for the first few days they are FINE - I can feel the muscles in my arms. Nice to know. I don't ever want Madonna arms but losing a layer or three off the bingo wings would be nice. I might graduate the chilli and tuna and move up to 500 ml pet bottles filled with water at the end of the week. I have 'real' weights upstairs but they can stay there for a little while yet.

So that's my Shred breakdown. 2 days down 28 to go...

Just as I was thinking I would try and have a non-alcohol weekend the delivery man rocks up (at 8:30am this morning) with a box of Asahi bottles from the lady at the temple next door - a summer gift. SIGH. I am USELESS if it's in the house. I have offered it to the god's for the time being and hopefully I'll forget about it....

yeah right.

july 29, 2010

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breakfast: cereal and milk
snack: chicken and french fries (from 7-11)
lunch: 2 skewers yakiniku, mini-milk
snack: little cake
dinner: hambaagu cooked on the grill (to reduce fat), flavored with ketcup and mustard; green beans; rice; kimchee

not a lot of water, no exercise.

i got an order from expat express on this day and was excited to see what extra thing i got myself: diet coke. LOL

july 28, 2010

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a rainy, blah day. no exercise.

breakfast: pb&j sandwich, milk
lunch: honestly can't remember. kids had somen and i might have skipped and had a sandwich later.
dinner: chicken curry which i had over rice.

plenty of water, also had cola zero.

(i'm a bit late posting this because i was pretty under the weather on wednesday and i feel really close to chucking the whole thing. i don't have the time/energy/motivation to exercise, i have a bit of stress from the kids and so don't make the right choices as far as eating goes. i really don't know what to do....)


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Breakfast: weetbix and rhubarb. I had some work to finish fast so I didn't feel like I could sit down and take my time over my muesli

Lunch: another lunch at home with the kids OOPS. Leftover lasagne, but only half what I had last night, BUT plus a slice of wholegrain toast, with leftover mashed potato and sausage from the eggs yesterday, and leftover cheese sauce from the lasagne. Leftovers are so yummy!

Afternoon tea: banana, slice of wholegrain toast with egg

Dinner: pork, onion, green pepper, carrot and hakusai stirfry, loads of edamame and about six pieces of Japanese-style simmered pumpkin.

Dessert: 3/4 of a peach. Dessert two? Feeling peckish, but all I want to eat is another peach! I would eat chocolate, only I don't have any that I really like right now, but the good stuff is at the bottom of the freezer, and it remains to be seen if I have the energy to get down that far, sigh. Damn good place to keep it!

30 Day Shred - Day 1

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Holy shit and fuck me sideways. Sorry. I do usually reserve this kind of obscene language for my normal blog but shit - LEVEL ONE - bloody LEVEL ONE people. How on earth do people get to level damn three.

The 30-Day shred DVD has three levels - 20 minutes per workout and you supposedly do one until you think you can handle the next one and then go up a level.

I was doing quite well with Billy - that first week - and then somehow finding 40 minutes gets harder. I am fine if exercising involves leaving the house - like a run or a walk. Walking the kids to kinder is great. I can't stop half way or take a break and go back to it. I have to finish or I'm left sweltering in the 8am sun by the rice paddies.

Other shit is harder - that exercise bike I got way back..... my English class kids kept bloody turning the peddles round at full speed and the inside rubber tube/band thing came off and for the life of me I can't get it back on. It is STILL sitting upside down waiting for attention in our 'engawa' off the tatami rooms.

Core rhythms - one of the instructors is like the bloody durable battery doing hip swivels and she pisses me off.  I still like this though but it holds nothing over the shred.

Billy - good. I can get through the whole first workout which is promising but again Billy and some of what he says and his daughter..... hmmmmm...... too fricken bouncy and her form is execution perfect - which it should be but makes it hard to imitate, if that makes sense.

So the Shred - I like the woman presenting it and the sections are broken down so you can tell yourself you only have one minute or thirty more seconds of something. There are no NEW moves - it is all pretty old school so I don't feel uncoordinated at all.

That said, the twenty minutes level one workout I did after coming home from my kinder walk - holy shit. I was feeling it (in a good way) in every limb afterwards. It will be interesting to see if I can manage it straight away again tomorrow - when in fact I may well be having trouble just walking. Will try though :)

Hub and I have health checkups in less than four weeks! Time to Shred.


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Muesli for breakfast! Finally made it, but forgot I had made it yesterday!

Lunch: Coddled eggs:
And the recipe:
This is from a recipe calendar hanging above my stove, so I've been eyeing up this dish for weeks!

Snack: banana, handful of mixed snacks (doritos, popcorn, cheezos or whatever they are called)

Dinner: lasagne. GOOOD! Absolutely NO seconds, and while I 'tidied' the dish of scraps, Erica ate half of them.

Dessert: The very last brandy snaps, with cream. They are gone, phew! Back to the grind!

I was 77.1 this morning, up 500g from my best, but not as bad as I thought after all that partying!

july 27, 2010

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went to mr. donut today. *sigh* did fairly well, though, only ate my donuts and didn't finish off what the kids didn't eat (though hiro and sasha made that easy by eating all of their donuts!)

breakfast: ham sanwich (ham, cheese, mayo and mustard on white bread), water

snack: 2 donuts, coffee au lait (i think?) 2 cups with only one sugar added to each, cola

lunch: another sandwich

dinner: yakisoba. loaded with veggies which i end up eating because the kids refuse to! that kinda makes up for the ham sammies i had!

july 26, 2010

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fairly usual day; no exercise, plenty of water, some cola zero and just plain old whatever else. nothing to see here (um, yeah, kinda had a hangover from sunday's party so just vegged at home!)


Posted by anchan Tuesday, 27 July 2010 1 comments

I cannot possibly expect to see any weightloss when I step on the scales on Friday. And I blame the Daring Bakers entirely. If it hadn't been for this month's DB challenge, I would never have remembered buying a second-hand ice-cream maker last winter. And I would never have known that the little recipe book that came with it contains (easily tweaked) concoctions to make bowls of sweet, cool yumminess to rival Baskin Robbins...

The other thing that is worrying me more than slightly is that, in a moment of madness, I went out and bought a swimsuit! I haven't been seen in the water since I lost all my weight after W was born and was skinny. But I am fed up of sweating it out on the beach whilst the rest of the family is playing in the cool sea (on the occasions K manages to drag me along, usually I try to persuade him to allow me to stay home), so this evening when K said that he is taking the afternoon off work on Thursday (yikes, that's only two days away - Fairy Godmother, where are you?) and is planning to take the kids to a pool, I legged it to Aeon and spent a miserable hour trying to find something to wear. I hit gold! Found a suit that fits, is flattering, doesn't have padded cups, has a built-in tummy control panel (hurrah!) and was on sale and reduced by 5,000 yen! Better keep off the ice-cream...

Tuesday July 27

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Breakfast: weetbix and rhubarb

Lunch: not too bad either, I prepared a sandwich, ate only half, plus 1/4 of a ham one and 1/4 of a cheese one

Snack: oops behins... potato chips and cheetos... then lunch again, exactly the same, all the leftovers! Should have chucked them, aye. Then a carrot, just to be good.

Dinner: chicken pasta, small bowl. And some broccoli dipped in a a little mayo and shoyu

Dessert: always an opps! More brandy snaps, this time crumbled OVER the ice cream, instead of under the ice cream. And more berries.

Weekend 24-25 July

Posted by Rachel Monday, 26 July 2010 3 comments

I don't remember a thing.

There was some pie in there, buta bara, several fried cheese sticks, some potato chips, lots of coke and juice and lots of dip with vegetables. I honestly can't remember what I ate on Saturday, probably lots of things! Oh yeah, pizza, cos I was busy cooking.

a VERY busy weekend!!

on saturday we drove to oita-ken for loads of fun. first we went to kijima kogen and was there just after it opened. spent the whole day and then went to yufuin to stay the night. fun fun fun.

breakfast was bread heels and cheese, with oolong tea. morning snack was the lunch i had brought (tuna salad, cheese, fruit (which i didn't get a chance to eat), crackers and carrot sticks with blue cheese dressing. lunch was some curry at a AYCE curry buffet (wasn't great, but i had curry, karaage, 2 small ebi furai and a korokke) with oolong tea. i had a cola or two during the day (it was so hot and we drank all the tea we brought with us! plus i needed the burst of energy from the caffeine and sugar!) dinner was at the youth hostel (always excellent!!): buta shogayaki (with loads of ginger), cabbage/salad, soup, rice, creamy pumpkin salad (very spicy!) and probably something else i can't recall. all with water. ended the day with a 97yen chuhai from cosmos and shared a beer with yoshi.

exercise was walking around the park maybe three times, plus going in the splash pool with hiro sasha (didn't get down and play myself, but it's more work walking in water than not.)

sunday we got up bright and early. it helped that i fell asleep at 8 pm the night before! breakfast was scrambled eggs, simmered tofu and veggies, salad, sausage (little octopus, only one of which i got to eat), rice and miso soup. there was also a bit of pineapple but the kids got to it first.

on the way to rachel's house, had a cola zero and tried a new mini oreo (chocolate creme), but only had two. later had a bit of fried chicken. plenty of snacks during the day! lunch was lovely, i had some chicken pie and goodness know what else! was great, though and didn't worry too much about calories. also had ice cream and other treats, coke, cola zero, tea and juice. later on had some chicken 'sticks', delicious!

no exercise, but i was pretty tired from the day before!

july 23, 2010

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weigh in day, 108. still no loss, and yet, no gain. i'll take this as a positive.

it's been so long since i posted, that i've pretty much forgotten the details. i do know that we had yakiniku for lunch, and i'm pretty sure i had leftover lasagna for dinner. breakfast was a sandwich, but it wasn't enough, so i had some chips in the morning, and probably a cola zero. plenty of water, no exercise. i think that by next friday i'm going to have to take a hard look at myself and really get tough!


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Not bad...

Breakfast was marmite on toast, feeling a slight hangover from last night, but not a McDonald's-worthy one, so I was safe.

Lunch. This was weird. I had cereal with rhubarb and milk! It was so hot, I couldn't stand eating something hot. I made ramen for the kids, but after wandering around the kitchen hopelessly while they ate, I settled on cereal, while DH made himself somen.

Afternoon tea: banana and yogurt smoothie, with manuka honey

Dinner: tofu with shoyu and ginger, a small bowl of miso soup with tofu and hakusai, a few mouthfuls of rice, a few bits of okra goma-ae and a crust of bread with butter and marmite. "Three of these things are just like the other..." Okay, soy and marmite are somewhat similar in smell, and I had the bread after the whole table was cleared...

Dessert: everything is going to the pack because I am SO going to have a brandy basket with ice cream, chopped chooclate and berries!!!

Weigh in 7/17

Posted by Gaijin Wife Saturday, 24 July 2010 2 comments

Last week was pretty shit exercise wise. It has been so damn hot. Still OK to walk the kids to kinder in the mornings but Granny K has been heading to the paddy early so she can avoid planting beans and the like in the mid day sun - which means I would need to put Ryu and Marina and Shou in the double buggy - which I have tried once and really not too keen on trying again.

I have also had sick children and doctors visits left, right and centre - completely forgot weigh day yesterday with taking Marina to the doctors and then her being home all day and us both heading to bed at 8pm.

Upon weigh in this morning though I was 83.6kg with is the lowest I have been so far. I hope that nice figure today can give me the motivation I need to try and finish July off that much closer to the seventies.

One more week and then it's in to August. Crap. That little bit closer till I go home and have shopping in normal sizes at my disposal.

Good luck to everyone for a good last week of July :)


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Weekly low of 76.1 yesterday, before all the bread... 500g up on Friday because of it!

Breakfast: granola, stewed apple and trim milk
Lunch: okonomiyaki on a stick. Weird. I bought it because I thought it was some kind of baked or fried tofu, but it was actual okonomiyaki. Was quite nice actually. Plus a boiled egg, and two small salads, a gobo salad, much nicer than the usual kinpira. And okra with goma-ae, which was amazing because I got home from work to find Kanji cooking exactly that. Great minds think alike. Ki ga au, he said. So it's goma-ae month! Meanwhile he's also making gobo tea for slimming. I might try some, but I think by now you all know how I feel about supplement, gimmicks and dieting tricks! Sure, if gobo's found to have some amazing dietary properties, eat it, but I don't think you need to go the lengths he went to, shaving, drying, dry frying, and finally making a tea.
Afternoon tea, a small bowl of grated cheese, which is becoming a bit of a bad habit with me! And a pot of yogurt with rhubarb, added by myself: here are some photos of the two ingredients lists:

Above, milk, milk something-or-other and yet another milk product. Below, milk, SUGAR, fruit, fruit juice (rhubarb and apple!), then the other two milk proucts as above, and followed by four more mystery items I don't have time to look up, probably flavorings/preservatives/colors of some sort. Sorry if no-one else is as fascinated as me by the doctoring required to just add some fruit to the yogurt!

Dinner: one buta-bara yaki-tori, one shishitobacon yaki-tori. We were out at the festival. Canned coffee, 2nd of the day. Later on I stayed up to watch TV (and do the laundry!) and ate two big fat peaches.

Day ?? Lost count...

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A much better day! No naughty snacking, no crisps, no chocolate, and I even worked up a sweat doing some gardening.

black coffee
2 slices wholewheat toast (one with Marmite, one with PB)
instant noodles, minus the sachet of oil, with an egg thrown in
tofu with umeboshi and shiso sauce
stirfried veggies (onion, green pepper, carrot and bean sprouts)
small bowl of rice
hot chocolate to come
might have a bowl of salad if I get really hungry!

july 22, 1010

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had several BOTTLES of cola today, not even zero, full on coke. *sigh* so much for sticking to the plan. ate a lot of crap :( also had a stressful day, finding out at the last minute that the kindy camp was TODAY, and had to get hiro to the school ten minutes ago (before the phone call i got). not cool.

breakfast: fried chicken and coke
lunch: lasagna
snack: ?? coke i guess
dinner: skipped it, too much cola, lemonade and water in the afternoon.

not a lot of exercise, though i did dance the naminamina dance with sasha. i don't think you should ask! lol

ok, on to friday!

Weigh-in Day

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Oh crap, that came around quickly! And it ain't good news.Weighed in today at 67kg, that's 600g more than last Friday! But I suppose it's still 200g down from the week before...

I have been watching what I eat, very concious of drinking more (tea, water) and eating more fibre. I have not been eating as much junk as I did before starting this challenge. But I have allowed myself a little chocolate each day, and the odd salty snack, so I guess I am going to have to cut those out :-( I also need to do some exercise, one yoga class a week is evidently not enough. But it's soooo hot...

Big Fat Bread Day

Posted by Rachel Thursday, 22 July 2010 1 comments

rhubarb yogurt and granola with stewed apple and trim milk. STILL haven't made the new muesli!

Lunch: Cheese on toast - half a slice. Mixed filled roll - three mini rolls with ham, egg, tuna. I added cheese! This is an example of how badly I start to eat when the kids are home. I have got to start thinking of a sensible lunch menu. I have hit on the idea of basically following the Kyushoku menu, with my own versions of course. But that won't be till next week!

Snack: half a hamburger

Dinner: chicken and pesto sandwich on some divine bread I got at the station bakery that has JUST wheat flour in it! You know how they have that sign that says if it has milk, or eggs or sugar, etc well it had none of that. Lovely bready taste. Only problem was the flour sprinkled all over the top. Why do they do that? I can imagine a bit of flour getting on there from the kneading, but this is Japan, and you just know they deliberately shook a pre-measured amount of flour over evenly with a sieve, just so us bready-pigs would get flour all over us as we eat our sandwhich! It's going to make even greater toast with butter and marmite!

july 21, 2010

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a sandwich day. as in, i ate a lot of sandwiches! too bad the sandwich bread isn't whole wheat...

no exercise, plenty of water. three bottles of cola zero.

breakfast: yakiniku sandwich (left over beef slices, mayo, mustard on white sandwich bread.)

lunch: tuna salad sandwich (tuna, egg, onion, mayo)

snack: cheesey poof snacks and popcorn (with cola zero). had an impromptu visit to the beach and had to have something to eat & drink!

dinner: another yakiniku sandwich. i made somen for the kids, but i don't really like noodles.

friends are visiting tomorrow so hopefully will be able to keep to the flummy challenge!

july 20, 2010

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just going along. i think that i have not changed much at all. i'm all talk, no action. *sigh* ok.

breakfast at joyfull. no lunch. yakiniku (at home) for dinner (meat, onions, rice, coleslaw.)

no exercise.

not a lot of water.

i am not meeting my goals at all, and am not surprised at no weight loss. as i am writing this on wednesday evening, i know that 'tomorrow' isn't much different. from thursday, i will be doubling my efforts!

Wednesday July 20

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Breakfast: banana, very small bowl of granola with some stewed apple and trim milk. Yogurt - the Bio yogurt with rhubarb. Bio yogurt usually has three ingredients - I was amazed to find that in order to process the addition of that rhubarb required a list of about ten more ingredients, one of which was actually rhubarb, and also including difficult kanji which I assume are additives of some sort or another. I think I'll stick with adding it myself!

Lunch: lunch out treated by MIL and SIL. We went to a teishoku/hambagu type place. I ended up eating a mouthful of this, a mouthful of that. A slice of pizza, about 1/4 cup of om-rice, 1/2 a hamburger, small creamy salad, about 1/2 cup of yaki-soba, mostly cabbage, some meat, one piece of yaki-niku, two spoonfuls of corn soup, and a glass of sweetened ice coffee. Now, if anyone can work out the calorie value of that, you deserve a medal!

Snack: leftover bits of hamburger, some grated cheese.

Dinner: Hamburger (bread, tomato sauce, hamburger patty, cheese, slice of tomato, loads of lettuce) Plus 1/3 of Erica's.

Laugh Yourself Thin

Posted by Rachel Tuesday, 20 July 2010 1 comments

Well, the pressure points aren't going very well. I keep forgetting to do it. Actually, I don't have much of a problem with hunger, I can put it off until I get to a mealtime. What I have a problem with is boredom food, and thirsty food, and emotinal food, and food-right-in-front-of-me-so-I-eat-it food, and taking seconds of yummy food - I wonder if there are pressure points for them!

3. Sprinkle cinnamon into a yoghurt each day to burn fat. The spice is a powerful metabolism-raiser. Half a teaspoon a day is enough to burn an extra kilo a month.

DONE! Not quite half a teaspoon, I think, but I put it in my muesli so I end up eating it everyday.

Read more:

Day 8

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Had a shock when I stepped on the scales this morning - up a whole kilo since last Friday! Now, I wasn't that bad, surely... Making an extra effort as of today, although might be more challenging now that the kids have finished school for the summer.

black coffee
small bowl of vegetable granola
black coffee
two and a half slices of wholemeal bread (two with a scraping of butter, half with peanut butter)
chocolate (blaming K for that)
barley tea
barley tea
barley tea
the rest is yet to come:
steamed spinach with soy sauce
zaru soba
lettuce and tomato salad with sesame dressing
black coffee
hot chocolate


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Breakfast: run out of muesli, so bought granola plus some bran flakes with whole milk

Lunch was wicked: fried potato and a fried egg. And a banana

Snack: 3 marshmallows, a pot of yogurt, 2 ginger thins, 6 nuts

Dinner: Chicken wraps. I really wanted burritos, but gave up finding them in this town before I even started. I decided pita bread was more likely, so set out on my search, only to fail to find them too. I eventually settled on naan, which doesn't open up very easily, but it did the trick. Filled with steamed chicken, tomato, lettuce and that pesto I made two weeks ago. YUM. Then I found out that they were just as good wrapped in the lettuce leaves, so next time I will call off the search for burritos/pita bread/naan!

Dessert: 6 marble chocolates.

Long Weekend

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What a write-off!

Festival, hang-over and party, all disaster zones.

Saturday I think started out okay, with a weetbix with the last of the rhubarb. Lunch was scrambled eggs, I think, and a few extra snacks. Ended up too busy in the afternoon to eat, going to Baachan's to get tied up into my yukata.

Dinner: one piece of karaage. I think I had a few more bites of food from the buffet later on, can't remember what. FOUR gin and tonics!!! Felt pretty good after that! A couple of beer nightcaps after I got home and got the kids to sleep. Wicked, evil day!

SUNDAY: hangovers are the BIG risk for me. I just eat like a HORSE. I had two 30% extra size canned coffees, and about one and a half cans of coke. 3 slices of toast for breakfast, scrambled eggs and bacon for lunch.

I challenged the Triple! And it was all chocolate varieties, chocolate chip, Belgian chocolate chunk and chopped chocolate. If you don't know what I'm talking about you have no idea what heaven is. 31

Dinner: somen and made some mashed potato and gravy just for me!

Monday, kid's birthday party: skipped breakfast, lunch was bread in the car (deep-fried hash brown. Don't ask me how they manage to deep fry something that's supposed to be pan fried, I supposed they throw the frozen ones in a vat of oil. I love hash browns but I always regret getting these oily ones from the bakery!) and a five-cheese mini-pizza. Never had such amazing cheese at a J. bakery before!

Snacks: loads, including potato chips, pineapple, banana, cherries, ice cream cake.

Dinner: pizza, karikari cheese and bacon bits 'salad', more hash brown sticks.

Dessert: ice cream again on the way home - mint flavor, yum!

Okay, now it's on. This is the REAL challenge, surviving summer holidays without putting on more weight! Feeding hungry kids day in day out without eating too much of it myself. Re-thinking lunch to feed them as well as me. NOT eating ice cream just because it's hot!!

july 19, 2010

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talk about a 'free' day...

started off at mcdonald's for a 'hotcake' breakfast, plus a sausage mcmuffin. cola zero with set meal.

lunch was skipped (i need to stop skipping lunch!), had a few cola zeros during the afternoon.

it was party day, the kids and i went to a birthday party. had a small bit of cheese cake and plenty of cheesey poof snacks.

dinner was pizza, potatoes and chicken (ordered in), plus cola.

no exercise, very little water. basically a write-off day!

must do better this week!

pretty laid back weekend. i had breakfast at joyfull both days (i go there on the weekends because 1. it's my free time away from the kids, 2. it's cheap and 3. it's really close to our house and open very early in the morning. not the best but i just HAVE to get out of the house.) saturday was the hambaagu breakfast and sunday was chicken doria.

didn't eat lunch on saturday because we planned to have yakiniku at the house for dinner. plenty of meat and veggies, one bowl of rice, but nothing overboard.

sunday lunch was probably skipped, too, because i made the kids somen (i don't like noodles very much) and dinner was curry rice. only one serving of curry rice, with a 'beer'.

no exercise. it's so very hot during the middle of the day and i didn't sleep well over the weekend so i couldn't get up early enough. i really wish my husband got home early enough for me to go swimming!

plenty of water drunk, but also had lots of soda!

Still here

Posted by Gaijin Wife 3 comments

I am still here - promise.

I've been slack lately - long weekend with kids home meant little 'proper' exercise. I did buy a walky thing though that counts your steps so I need to start that tomorrow. What's a good amount to want to aim for? 10,000?  I'm thinking I should get to 10,000 in a normal day if I walk the kids to kinder in the morning. Couldn't today though as had nap time futons and a baby as well.

There was huge amounts of beef and beer consumed last night - followed by lemon infused shucream which no doubt went straight to the flummy.

It is hot hot hot hot hot. Walks in the middle of the day out of the question - with the baby anyway.

I didn't get round to weigh in on Friday - mum had an oncology appointment and was having a shit day. She started the chemo yesterday. I guess there will always be 'something'. That's just the way life is. Can't lose my way now. Need to have a good week so can get back on track - although I weighed in at 85.0 this morning. The thing is I can't even get despondent with weight as I KNOW I haven't been good enough to expect there to b a loss.

Right, time to clear the deck of tell tale signs of yakiniku feast and hang out the washing. Billy needs to back in the dvd player today too after three days of Lightening McQueen.

Day 6

Posted by anchan Sunday, 18 July 2010 3 comments

Home (almost) alone today. The three boys have gone off to the kodomokai camp, leaving M and I to a quiet and peaceful house. The little lady has just gone to bed and I am sorely tempted by the stack of Ghana chocolate that K left for me in the fridge, so perhaps sitting down to write this will help to overcome the urge to rip off the wrappers and devour!

black coffee
bowl of fruity granola
small lemon cake (omiyage)
barley tea
Marrakesh vegetable curry with half a cup of couscous
barley tea
packet of Galbo (naughty, naughty)
small bowl of chaahan
black coffee

The curry was super healthy and delicious, made with sweet potato, kabocha, aubergine (eggplant), carrots, chickpeas, almonds, raisins and a whole host of spices - yuuum!

july 16, 2010

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no exercise today.

weighed in at 108, so a loss from last week (3 kilos, yay) and a loss over all (1 kilo, yay). hopefully this is the start.

breakfast: PB&J sandwich
lunch: AYCE yakiniku (plus salad bar, but not nomihodai, only had tea).
snack: mini cream-pan
no dinner (was still actually quite full from lunch & snack).
plenty of water, but could have been better.

A day off :-D

Posted by anchan Saturday, 17 July 2010 2 comments

I plan to have one 'day off' a week in order to maintain my sanity over the four months. Not that I intend to go crazy and binge eat, but just be more relaxed and able to enjoy a meal out eating the foods I really like.

Today was a family day out to meet other AFWJers from the other side of the island :-) Our plan was to spend the day frollicking on the side of a mountain, eating bread, sausages (not me, though) and drinking beer made from the river water, and couldn't believe our eyes when we arrived... the park shut down in December! We'd all driven an hour and a half to get there, what a disappointment. So we played by the river for an hour before heading to my favourite Italian restaurant for lunch. Hit the beach on the way back, stopping by at Aeon for dinner... Italian again! We hardly ever go for Italian meals, as K far, far prefers sushi. But Sir demanded that we go there (even though I had a dinner already planned at home) as M had pinched most of his clams at lunchtime and he was feeling hard done by.

Anyway, the day went something like this:

black coffee
vegetable tagine (last of the leftovers, needed eating!) with a small amount of rice
bottle of water
small bag of sesame arare
garlic bread
spaghetti with tomato sauce and about a tablespoon of mozzerella
spaghetti with mixed mushrooms and a soy sauce sauce
some of W's bread dessert, but not much

All things considered, I don't think this was too bad... after all, I didn't have dessert at either meal, and resisted joining the kids with an ice-cream. There's a first :-)

Laugh Yourself Thin

Posted by Rachel Friday, 16 July 2010 2 comments

2. People who have acupuncture once a week lose an extra 4.5 kg (10 lb) in three months. Applying needles at pressure points is thought to trigger electrical pulses that suppress appetite.


How about just pinching that spot on the ear? Where was it again? I heard from one lady that it might work to pierce that area. Anyone for an ear-piercing?

Day 4

Posted by anchan 1 comments

A better day today :-) OK, I admit to a couple of slip-ups, but I think I managed to limit the damage...

black coffee
1 slice of wholewheat toast with a scraping of butter, Marmite and a poached egg (M ate most of the egg)
black coffee
vegetable tagine with couscous
2 sticks of Galbo
2 cups green tea
very small handfull of almonds and mixed berries
dinner at kaitenzushi, 5 plates plus desert (1 sweetcorn, 2 egg nigiri, 1 edamame, 1 fried potato, 1 soft cream, 2 cups green tea)
may or may not have a mug of hot chocolate before bed

Might not be so good tomorrow, as going to a park which specialises in German bread (and sausages, not a problem for me) and beer, plus is very near my favourite Italian restaurant (haven't been there for maybe 4 years)...

july 15, 2010

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let's see, what a day...

yoshi took the day off so it really throws me off. had breakfast at joyfull (hambaagu and egg with salad and rye bread, soup bar). the kids got home early and they had sandwiches, but i didn't eat because i was still full from joyfull. then went to karaoke and found out they have a great deal during the day, including drink bar. i only had oolong tea, go me.

after karaoke i was really hungry so i got some discount deli/bento food at the supermarket (i was alone, hurray!) so had some fried tofu, karaage and white rice. didn't eat the full portions, just enough so i didn't feel so hungry.

dinner was pork/egg/veggies (including nira) with rice, kimchee, pickles and natto. i only had a bit of the pork/veggies with a bit of rice and kimchee. wasn't hungry again because of my late lunch.

plenty of water and oolong tea today!


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More than the low I reached before the Board weekend did me in, but still down.

Breakfast, yogurt with rhubarb, the last bowl of muesli. I now need to make some more.

Lunch: last night's dinner redux, less corn.

Afternoon tea: coffee machine cappuccino with sugar, lots of edamame.


Chicken and mushroom stew, only had a small plate, but it was really good, and I had to have one more spoonful, then Erica's leftovers too!

Will probably have an apple after the laundry is done

Day 3

Posted by anchan 4 comments

Yesterday was a terrible, emotional and utterly unbloggable (as GW would say) day. Although things got off to a good start, by lunchtime I had rooted out my very secret stash of Pringles and Galbo choccies... but amazingly I was able to stop myself from munching my way throught the entire lot), eating only 1/3 of each - a huge achievement for me! I wasn't, however, able to get things back on keel and ended up eating a Snickers bar for dinner en route to my yoga class. So, for honesty's sake, here's what got consumed:

black coffee
3(!) slices of wholemeal toast (was supposed to be one slice with a poached egg, but it was freshly baked and warm and I couldn't controll myself)
black coffee
bowl of popcorn (cooked with a little oil and a sprinkle of salt)
1/3 tube Pringles
black coffee
2 sticks of Galbo
bowl of soba salad
bottle of water
mug of hot chocolate

Did an hour and a half of yoga and was really hungry when I got home, but it was too late to be eating...

Today will be a better day.

I checked out how many calories I am supposedly able to eat - around 2000! Seems a lot, but I guess that's how much I need in order to maintain and not gain? Anyway, I certainly am no longer consuming this many calories...

I have started to track my food and nutrition using FitDay. It is rather time consuming at the moment as I have to look up all the foods individually, but it will get easier and it is really interesting!

Before I sign off, I have decided that I will weigh in on Fridays before any weekend damage, so...

Last Friday I weighed 67.2kg, today I am 66.4kg - wow!!Really, really pleased! I will be skinny again, I will, I will, I will!