Change to Wordpress

Posted by Gaijin Wife Saturday, 28 August 2010 7 comments

Hi Ladies.

I am in the middle of changing the blog to

it will mean you can't 'follow' the blog but you can still get updates sent to you. It works better for comments and for having everything categorized by name on the sidebar. It also means we can password protect before and after photos if we want to - or any post that we like for that matter. If we do this I would prefer that only authors get the password and people who are just interested don't. Unless of course you want to publicly put the pics up which is fine too.

Anyway can you have a look at the new site - tell me what you think - try and ignore the huge photo of a hard boiled egg at the top :) It's a work in progress. But I was starting to think that bit of chocolate cake was a bad omen and just looking at it every time I opened the blog was adding hundred of grams and cm to my flummy. So, for the sake of the world of flummies I have decided to go healthy on the pic too :D

Like me.

Sorry I haven't posted for about a week. Translation, petit fours, the shred, life got in the way and I will try harder next week. I was unto 83.8 kg again on Friday though but still optimistic that I can sort this rut out and get into the seventies by the end of September. I tried on a pair of size 12 jeans I could fit a month after Shou was born - and it was heinous. Very motivating.

Still Shredding though. Day 17 or 18. God, I have lost count. I really want to get to the 30 and once I have I will start on the other DVD I got with the Shred - a 40 minute Jillian workout that I don't think is quite so sadistic - touch wood.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

- Oh and I managed to get all the posts and comments transferred from here to wordpress but it came out with gaijinwife as the author - if you look down the bottom of each post it has the name as a category but for some reason I'm not a category, neither was Bryn, and whatnot so I still need to go through and write the correct person. I'm pretty sure that once you are all authors though it will come up fine.

Let me know.


Friday Friday!

Posted by Sara Friday, 27 August 2010 5 comments

I took my Shred Day off today instead of Sunday... too exhausted from job interview to obey Jillian and her sadistic commands for 30 minutes this afternoon. However I've been trying to take Sakura on a 30+ minute walk in the buggy pretty much everyday this week so I'll try and get on in today as well.

I actually was sort of naughty and bought a karaage sandwich and choco-danish for lunch on the way home from my interview... oh well Ryohei isn't around tonight so I'll try and have a carb-less dinner to make it for it.

I've been doing surprisingly well on the less snacking! Of course its only been 5 days... I am looking forward to my official weigh on Monday. I have a lot of weight to lose so its nice to see the huge water weight plus body being shocked initial loss.

I've sort of hurt my ankle from doing poorly landed butt kicks on my dvd :( I am wondering maybe I should subsitute them with either jumping jacks or jump rope on the cardio portion and hope my ankle will heal.. I know if I take more than 1 day off from the DVD it will be VERY hard to keep it up.

Have a happy and healthy weekend all <3

Weigh-in :-(

Posted by anchan 4 comments

Just stepped on the scales and am gutted to learn that my weight is UP yet again, 67.5kg :-( This is so disappointing, as I only snacked a little (far, far less than I used to), ate chocolate only once this week, continued with the Wii Fit exercise (3 times) and went swimming on Wednesday. Really, really peed off, might as well have carried on eating junk as my weight seemed to stay the same in those days... pass the ice-cream!

So here's what I had and did...
Wednesday for breakfast: half a grapefruit, one bowl of no-sugar added museli with 1 bannana, 0% yoghurt, low-fat milk and a cup of coffee with low-fat milk.
Lunch: bought chirashi sushi (sounds good but I'm sure it had about a cup of sugar in it), piece of wholemeal toast with homemade hummus and half a tomato, fruit salad (grapes, nashi, kiwifruit, bannana).
3pm snack: wierd omiyage from Hokkaido - has been in fridge for ages and had to be eaten. It's called "seal's eggs" which grossed me out, but is actually a dark and white chocolate thingy and quite yummy. Mugicha.
6pm snack: slice of cheese, raw carrot with hummus.
Dinner: small piece of grilled fish, small bowl of rice, miso soup, steamed brocolli and simmered pumpkin. Mugicha.
After dinner: Glass of orange juice.
Litres of water consumed throughout the day.
Wednesday exercise: 1 hour of power walking pushing twin stroller (with twin babies in it). Sweated buckets. 20 mins of ab-sep correction exercises from my physio.

Thursday breakfast: the Tesco shop is out of my no-sugar added museli so had to buy their strawberry oat clusters - very yummy but way more sugar and fat content. Had a bowl of half no-sugar museli and half stawberry oat clusters with a bannana and low-fat milk. Cup of coffee. Half a grapefuit.
Morning tea: Cup of coffee and delicious chocolate mousse cake. My friend bought the cake over. Would have been rude not to...
Lunch: Two pieces of wholemeal toast with slices cheese, half a tomato and homemade hummus. One nashi.
Dinner: Small bowl of rice, miso soup, mince vege mix (from the freezer - made by my mum while she was here...), steamed broccoli. Nashi. Mugicha.
After dinner: club soda with juice of half a lemon.

Thursday exercise: didn't get to do the power walking due to visit from friend but in the evening I did the postpartum exercise DVD (35 mins), and it felt pretty good. This is not a cardio thing, its for strengthening and "retraining"(whatever that is) the abs as well as a bit of general stretching etc thrown in.

Friday breakfast: small bowl of strawberry oat clusters with bannana, low-fat milk and 0% yoghurt. Half a grapefruit.
Lunch: Two pieces of wholemeal bread with gouda cheese, half a tomato, hummus. 2 handfuls of grapes. Cup of coffee. At this point I couldn't help but pull out the chocolate cake (homemade) from the freezer and cutting off a huge slice. Coffee always makes me crave sweet stuff. May have to limit intake.
Dinner - not sure what it will be yet but having consumed chocolate cake I'm committed to have no further regressions.

Friday exercise: 40 mins of power walking with the twin buggy. Would have been longer but one of the babies in the buggy started screaming out to be fed so had to power walk it home ASAP. Will try to do the postpartum exercise DVD again this evening.

Friday weigh in: 62.4 This is quite a bit lower than I was expecting given that I was 64 earlier in the week. Could be a fluke - may bounce back up tomorrow, but its encouraging anyway. Still, to me its less about the weight and more about the flummy so think I will add a waist measurement to my Friday weigh in. Feel free to follow suit all. Flummy (measured around belly button level) at 85.5cms. Sigh....

Overall comments: The main changes since I've started have been cutting out unncessary snacks ie. doing a mental check when I go to snack whether I'm really hungry or not. I find a lot of the time I'm actually thirsty or just bored. Of course I had a few unplanned sweet diversions.... The other major has been cutting out the beer. Up until starting this challenge I've been having a beer every night, usually before dinner. I'm going back to an old trick which is to replace the beer with a soda water with or without lemon juice. Soda water = zero calories. I'm not going to pretend its anything like as good as a beer but with its cold fizziness it does seem to satisfy my beer urges.

Thursday and Friday

Posted by Rachel Thursday, 26 August 2010 3 comments

Well, I quit the ratatouille on Wednesday due to being too busy to roast pepper, but decided to use up the creamed corn and make some fritters, only I had no eggs, so they were pretty bizarre fritters, but we just added salsa, they were okay! And made couscous instead of pasta. I'm not sure how couscous rates as a diet food, is it better than pasta or rice? Is it high in fibre or just like any other white carb?

Thursday muesli for breakfast, the meat mix and cousous for lunch, handful of nuts for afternoon tea (my usual food, back to my routine as I went back to work). Then a BIG handful of grated cheese while cooking. Dinner was about 3 chicken/ume/shiso things, plus ratatouille.

Friday weigh-in - 76.5! So, no loss of course, but I am relieved to see no gain. I don't really deserve it with all that eating, so it must show that my damage control is working - at least I am not going 'oh what the hell' and overeating all week just because I messed up a few days. At this rate I just might be able to see out the summer holidays with no gain, which is a bonus! Then maybe I can start exercising again in September. (I got the splint off my toe, but that has resulted in increased pain for the last day as I get used to it, so I still think I can't do much on it)

Friday breakfast, one weetbix and full-cream milk (had no lo-fat left, I found the fattiness of the full cream milk made me want to add sugar!). Lunch was meat and couscous again, a very small portion, plus some scrambled eggs on wholegrain toast.

Dinner tonight all bets are off - DH is taking me out for dinner for my b'day, and the kids will ALL be at Baachan's, woo-hoo! So don't expect me to be sensible.

my week so far

Posted by illahee Wednesday, 25 August 2010 0 comments

texting sucks. anyway, last fri. weighed 107. no surprises there.

so sunday i went to the hospital in severe pain to get meds. was admitted instead. CT scanned, x-rayed and stabbed numereously with needles. finally get iv and then sent to bed. force yoshi to leave with kids so i can enjoy bed alone in misery. breakfast: nothing. lunch & dinner: same. monday got ultrasound scan and another x-ray. beg for pain meds often. same meal plan as the day before. tuesday pretty boring as finished book the day before. still no has pretty much been the same. i get nutrition through the iv but i don`t know the calories. if i lose weight, i still wouldn`t recommend this as a weight-loss method!

Thanks GW for the invitation to join.

OK so about me. At the risk of being hated by my fellow contributors....I'm not exactly overweight, at all. BUT I have just had twins and this has left me with a prize flummy, which I am very keen to exterminate.

So the hard facts: I'm 175cm tall (I think that's 5ft9.5) and currently weight 64kg. I have 3 kids, the result of 2 pregnancies. I seem to be one of those people that don't really put on a lot of weight during pregnancy. First one (singleton) I put on 10kg and at my one mth check up was down 11kg. Breastfeeding just seems to suck it out of me. I went on to lose a further 5kg which put me at 63kg. At one point I went down to 61kg but not for long. Before the pregnancy I weighed around 70kg and at my worst about 6 years ago I was 75kg - this was when I worked quite long hours on a desk job as well as part time study at totally succumbed to my urges for apricot and choc-chip Cookie Time biscuits and vast amounts of Cadbury chocolate. Yep, I have a sweet tooth. Living in Japan seems to be good for my waist line. Which, thanks to the twin pregnancy is now non-existant. 2nd pregnancy was twins (delivered 11 weeks ago) and I put on 15kg, down by 13kg at my 1mth check up. Pretty good right? You would not think so if you saw the state of my flummy. I had a c-section this time and I don't know if that made it worse or not but it's like I have 2 lots of flab - upper (around the belly button) and lower (above the pubic hair). It really is not a pretty sight. Oh and I have massive stretch marks and wrinkly skin from having streched so much so my bikini days are well and truly over. I'm Ok with that, I just want to be able to wear my clothes again. Yes I can fit them now but anything fitting (most of my nicer clothes) just doesn't look that great over the flummy.

So although I'm not overweight I have a big post-baby belly which I really want to get rid of. The plan: just cutting out the sweet stuff I love, trying to cut back on portions, increase the amt of fruit & veges I eat etc etc. The usual. Plus, on the exercise front, 45-60 mins of power walking on most days and doing my post-preg exercise DVD which is especially for people like me who sufferred abdominal seperation during their pregnancy. Once I'm 6mths postpartum I hope the ab-sep issue is gone and I can graduate up to Tracy Anderson's postpreg workout DVD which I've read good things about. Also want to start jogging at that point too. Until then I have to be kind of careful with exercise so not to make the ab-sep thing worse.

Yoroshiku fellow flumsters!